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Before the new baby she was potty trained,now shes not??

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My 17 month old daughter potty trained her self at 15 months.She had no accidents day or night.Now the new baby is here and for the last 5 weeks since his coming home she wants to pee everywhere does not even attempt to go the the potty.She refuses to wear a diaper.I no she is jealous but I can not let her pee all over.Any suggestions??

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My advice would be to not make a big deal about it. You could remind her that she is a big girl and big girls use the potty. It's normal for her to regress with a new baby. Just try not to make a HUGE deal about it, remind her that she will always be special to you and she'll soon return to your potty-trained girl you once knew.
Argeed!!It's very common for older siblings to regress back once a baby's born into the family. It's a huge change for them. Re-assurance is going to be a big help to you. And maybe try to make some extra special time for her.
You could try making a big deal out of the fact that she is a BIG girl. Give her extra tasks. Like helping you with dishes, or helping you make cookies, or folding laundry. Anything really, little kids love to help with chores. They seem to think its some kind of treat. Or you could start letting her pick out a special treat (a candy bar or something) when you go to the store, and tell her that its because shes a BIG girl, and the baby doesn't get anything because shes not a big girl. And the baby doesn't care, because he/she doesn't know so it works out for everybody.Basically just make her feel special because she is a big sister.
Im having the same problem with my 3 1/2 yr old. Got her potty trained then when our son was born a few months ago, she stopped & refuses to use the potty. I've tried all the things suggested above & it still hasnt worked for me. I understand. She acts like she doesnt care if she uses the potty or not.

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