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new carpet with 6 month old

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okay so my finace thinks im crazy but my mother-in-law just got new carpet through out her whole house my son was there for about a hour or less!! i freaked out arent the fumes toxic anyone know any information about carpet fumes and babies?

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my husband is a carpet installer, and there shouldnt be any fumes at all when your puting carpet in. just the new carpet smell. if there is carpet fumes, they glued their carpet down... and as far as i know, you shouldnt do that. regardless, we moved into our new house and put carpet throughout our house as well, and i have a 9mth old (5mths at the time we moved in) as well as a 19mth old (15mths at the time we moved in) and it wasnt harmful to them or us, because there was no smell.

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