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Night terrors/ waking up screaming in the middle of the night.

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So Ayden is 18 months old, and during bed time, he goes right down at bed time. However in the middle of the night between midnight and 2-am, he's awake standing in his crib or bed screaming his head off and we can't soothe him no matter what. The only way he clams down is if we are touching him, so eventually he ends up in bed with me and my husband. I have taken everything out of his room that could be casting odd shadows, I have put in a brighter night light, even tried leaving the light out, none of it seems to make any difference. It seems the only nights he does good is the nights he gets a bath, unfortunately, water and weather are so drying here in Colorado, that taking a shower everyday isn't recommended even with adults. That aside, if it is night terrors, how do I deal with it? I can't stand it when my baby is scared, or can't sleep and I end up giving in. I don't want our bed to be a habit, since hubby and I can't sleep when Ayden's in bed with us. Any tips would be welcome, I am at a loss.... Thank you.

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I would try giving him a bath every night and I would rub him down with a natural baby lotion (like Method, Yes to Baby Carrots, California Baby, BabyGanics, etc.) after to keep his skin from drying out.If that doesn't work you should comfort him in his room and put him back in his crib. Night terrors are a sleep disorder that is similar to sleepwalking. A baby or child with night terrors is not awake for the episode. It is different than a baby who wakes up crying.If your son is actually waking up and crying there are a number of thigns that could be causing it. Make sure he's well fed, has gotten enough attention throughout the day and the temperature in his room is comfortable. Soothe him in his room and put him back to bed. Sit next to his crib while he falls asleep if you have to. (I co-sleep with my kids but I understand when enough is enough!)

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