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no heartbeat?

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ive had two miscarriages in the past... both times i went to hear a heartbeat there was never one? does anyone know why it happend twice? im pregnant again. i just found out today and im realy scared about it all...i never saw an obgyn only the first time for a d/c .. i only went to the ER ..

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There are so many reasons for a miscarriage to happen, it's impossible to list them all. But, generally speaking, when a miscarriage happens early on it's usually because they baby just wasn't developing right. There's really no way to tell what went wrong or why, it's just obvious that something did. It's almost never the mother's fault (as long as there's no smoking/drinking/doing drugs/etc. and it isn't preventable.Don't stress, just stay calm and wait to see how things go this time. trying my hardest to be healthy this time.
I've had multiple miscarriages, only the last time did we catch a heart beat, and it was gone the next day. Has your doctor done any blood testing? My doctor suggested hormone tablets after reviewing my blood tests for this pregnancy. Stay positive and TRY to stay calm, I know it's tough. If you have any questions or you'd just like to talk, I'd love to help!

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