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no period since birth (jan 2011) and have had a mirena iud inserted

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I gave birth to my baby girl Jan 31st of this year. I know it can take up to 1 yr or so to get back to a regular cycle (esp when BFing), but I however lost my milk at 3 wks so I am formula feeding. I also had a mirena inserted 8 wks postpartum. After the mirena insert i spotted on and off for about a month or two, but no such thing as an actual period yet. I know Im not pregnant and I have a doc appt this thurs to see my OBGYN, just thought I'd get some feedback from you wonderful moms out there...anyone have this happen?

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I found this online about MirenaYour periods may changeFor the first 3 to 6 months, your monthly period may become irregular. You may also have frequent spotting or light bleeding. A few women have heavy bleeding during this time. After your body adjusts, the number of bleeding days is likely to decrease (but may remain irregular), and you may even find that your periods stop altogether for as long as Mirena is in place. Around the end of the third month of use, you may see up to a 75% reduction in the amount of menstrual bleeding
I had my daughter around the same time as you, and quickly got the mirena as well. I had light bleeding for like 3 days after it was inserted, but haven't had a true period with the Mirena.
After my first daughter I had a mirena inserted 3 months after she was born, hadn't had a period yet and didn't have one again until I had it removed 2 years later. My gyno said that that's fairly common, the hormones in the mirena do different things for each person. Consider yourself lucky, who actually wants a period?
Well first of all, your daughter has my birthday! I am 29, and I have 2 kids, ages 10 and 5. I have been on the mirena 2x. I had it taken out to get pregnant with my son who is now 5, and it took 3 months to get pregnant. I had it inserted back in when he was 6 weeks old, and have had it ever since. Actually next week, Im due to have a new one put in since they are supposed to last 5 yrs, and I can honestly tell you that my last period was literally on August 27th 2005!!! You read that right, trust me. I would not know what to do if I started having them again, and I also breastfed for over a year, so I would not worry too much about your period...I have heard that some people are put on the mirena as a form of lightening the periods, in people who bleed heavy all the time..Hope this helps.
Don't worry about it! I've had the Mirena for a few months shy of 5 years and love it! I never have had a period while i have had it, I have spotted sometimes around that time of the month and i have had some tiredness, and moodyness around that time of month but, that is it! Enjoy your period free 5 years!

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