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no sex drive during pregnancy?

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im 18 weeks pregnant and i have no interest at all in having sex. my husband is very patient and tries to understand, but he is constantly reminding me that he wants to have sex often. and i try my best to cooperate once a week, but even that's hard for me. i dont feel sick and it doesnt hurt, my brain just isnt into it. and foreplay doesnt really do anything for me either. we used to have a great time in bed and i hope it goes back to normal after the baby comes, but it scares me to think that it wont. i love him so much and we are very friendly and affectionate with each other every day, but i cringe any time he brings up how much he misses sex. i want to miss it too - but i just dont right now and no matter what i say, he thinks he's the problem. im torn all the time between feeling guilty about it and feeling annoyed by the constant reminding.

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That was be during my pregnacy. I just had sex with him because he wanted to. Just fake it. it will come back.

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