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no such thing

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i offered a cup to my daughter at 6 months. (she's 20 months now) within 3 days, she was a pro at using one. lucky, me, i know. my only problem with sippey cups? no matter what the label says, there is no such thing as a spill-proof sippey cup! i have tried playtex, nuby, nuk, munchkin, ziploc, fisher price, gerber, etc. you name it, we have tried it. they all claim to be spill proof, but when you turn them on their side, or god forbid upside down, you still have liquid dribbling out! i have just given up, and offered a regular plastic cup with a snap on lid and straw. is there anyone else out there fed up with this false-advertisment? let me hear from you.

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i have the same trouble my daughter is 9 months and absolutley refuses to use a sippy she would rather use a reg cup like her big bro she is actually pretty good at it and i'm not really complaining bc hey thats one less thing to break her from right....i have not yet found a sippy that is spill proof the last ones i bought my daughter leaked from the side the very first time she used them :(

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