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is this normal?!?

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My son was born on December 8, so he is 24 days old now and I am having a couple questions that even though I am not a first time mom I am clueless on.. I am still dealing with the bleeding that happens after birth my question about this is that I will go for almost a day without any bleeding or any pain or anything and then all of a sudden I will start bleeding again heavy, sorry if tmi but its almost as if I feel like I am peeing myself I start bleeding so bad then after a couple hours it slows back down and Im not sure if its normal or I should worry...and for the second part of my question I am reaaallly emotional still.. I get so overwhelmed and frustrated with him fussing and crying then I start crying as well.. I am on edge about everything and its like I either feel stressed and overwhelmed to the max or I just become indifferent.. is this normal? I dont feel like I had the emotional breakdowns like this after we had our daughter who is 18 months.. please.. any advice or thoughts on either would be greatly appreciated

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I am not sure about the bleeding, I would call your doctor or your doctors nurse with that one. As to your other concerns, It is very normal to still feel emotional and overwhelmed that this point. Your body is still dealing with elevated hormae levels from pregnancy. Your levels are pretty high in pregnancy so it sometimes takes a bit for them to wind down. The fact that you now have two babies, and two under two could be contributing to your stress level as well. Just remember it is ok to feel the way you are and it is ok to ask for extra help from loved ones in this time. Good luck and congrats on your new edition.
Hormones*  sorry for some of the typos, I suck at typing.
I agree 100% with everything missdelica said. I had my 2nd and 3rd less than 14 months apart and it was very stressful. Not to mention one almost 4. That was a lot going on and #3 was very sick and stayed at the hospital 4 days and didn't want to eat. I had a really hard time so I know where you are coming from. It is normal just give it time and it will all settle down. As for the bleeding I would call the dr because I've never done like that before so I don't know what it could be. I hope everything settles down for you soon. Congrats on the baby and good luck! :)

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