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Is this normal??

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I am 7 months pregnant and it has been a risky one as I have been hospitalized a few times for a couple of weeks each time. This is my first baby and am really excited, my husband already has a 5 yr old girl. When I first found out of the pregnancy I noticed I could not handle being around her as much. As time passes by I have gotten worst. She is very sweet and is excited she is having a little sister, but I dread the weekends and days out of the week that she is spend with us. Please help, a I turning into this evil stepmother???? Also, ehn I give birth I know she will be around and I would like to have a few days to rest and recuperate, how can I tell him his daughter should probably not come to the house until I feel okay? Is this being selfish???

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no everyone need there rest and time away from everyone the first few days
Do not worry!!!! I know how it feels when you are pregnant and do not want to be around kids.... They are very exhausting, and even if they want to listen to your stomach and talk about baby things, sometimes it is just too much to deal with them. Especially if it is your first child, you are focused on YOU!!! As for a few days to relax and rest after baby is born, that is a perfectly normal, smart thing to do. You're going to be busy learning all the little quirks your baby has, what they like and what they don't, and you won't have the energy to please another child for the first few days. What my husband and I did was ban visitors for a week, so that we could both get used to our new baby girl. If you let people (or in this case, his daughter) visit in the hospital, she'll feel included but won't be as much of a strain on you because you know it'll only last a short time, and nothing is required of you except to lay there and look a bit exhausted, haha~ good luck to you and happy mothering!!!
You might need to get on birth control to help regulate your hormones. Your symptoms should not be that bad. If your doctor won't take you seriously, you should find another one. 
I agree get a second opinion from another doctor

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