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Not feeling so good about myself.....

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I just dont know. before i found out that i was pregnant i was trying to loose weight. im not a skinny person to begin with and i was dropping weight really quickly. that should have been my first clue on being pregnant but i thought i was safe because i was on the depo shot . but now i keep gaining more weight and i know i need to for the baby but i just really feel uncomfortable in my own skin and i know im making my husband more upset because i havent had sex with him for a month now. i dont know if its just me or if other people have felt the same way. I never felt this way when i was pregnant with my son . i had a really hard time loosing the baby weight that i gained with him.

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i was big myself before i got pregnant with my daughter. then i started lossing weight cuz i started working and then i got pregnant. now im right back at the same weight before i started to lossing weight. my boyfriend and i had sex once when i was pregnant cuz we was trying to break my water but it didnt work. so its not u its ur body making u feel that way.
Aww Honey  your not alone  try to look in the mirror and see the  Blessing   you are having! look at your weight  as  this  perfect little life  who will change your life  in the better forever.  You have plenty of time to lose weight after the baby  and nursing helps you lose weight  faster   I know its hard but you can do this !  You  are  creating Life  and  a few extra pounds  to have this experience will be well wort it , You are  an amazing person  never  forget that !
 I loved my pregnant tummy but I still felt FAT and did not want to have sex while I was pregnant. Sometimes my boyfriend would complain but then I told him all the things that were going on with my body and why I felt the way I did. Just focus on being healthy and growing a baby and worry about getting the pounds off after you deliver. I'm 13 weeks post partum and working on getting this mush off. I
I agree with NanaRobin.  It's so important to stay optimistic.  I'm in my 3rd trimester, I'm 30+ years of age, and I have hypothyroidism.  Needless to say, I'm gaining a lot more weight than I'd like to be.  But I know it will be worth it as it was when my first baby. I know it's hard to get in the mood when you feel undesirable, but keep in mind that sex is a form of communication and it's so important to be close to your husband right now.  Believe it or not, most men think pregnant women are very sexy.  In my own personal experience, and also some of my friends' experiences, we've actually been hit on by men other than our husbands during pregnancy.  Again, no clue why (and of course, these guys don't have a chance!), but it's flattering nonetheless.  So, even if you think you're not a hottie right now, I'm sure your husband finds you irresistable.  I hope this helps.     
"But I know it will be worth it as it was *with* my first baby."Oops!  Sorry about that. 
I know this is an old post, but it popped up on my screen. I understand how you feel hunny. I'm in the navy, fit now but I used to have alot of body current boyfriend Andrew always tells me I'm beautiful. Sometimes I thought he was just saying it, but you are beautiful there is a life insdie you, a precious small, beautiful being that you made. Getting "bigger" is only baby getting bigger and getting ready to be with mommy and daddy. Thats how he put it to me, it almost made me cry. I fight with my image sometimes but a pregnant woman is one of lifes most divine things

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