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not a question, just being paranoid

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I'm so worried about this baby coming early. I've been having Braxton-Hicks contractions (even, timeable, for about an hour) for the past few nights. With my son I had the same thing happen for about two weeks before he was born. Of course, I've wanted her to be a week or two early because my due date is Dec. 26th. I'd like her birthday to be earlier than Christmas, you know? But now I'm think she really will be here about two weeks early and it has me freaked out. Not because I'm worried about her health, I know she'll be fine. Mainly I'm worried because my husband and I are still in school for another 2-3 weeks. I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and that, coupled with the B-H contractions, just have me freaking out. It just hit me that this little girl could be here in a week. We're ready for her so I don't really know what I'm so nervous about. But I'm definitely paranoid, I'm even a little afraid to have sex right now because that's what triggered labor for me last time.

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I had b-h contractions for a long time with son and they were timeable. I was about 35-36 weeks and my husband was like should you call your mom so she can head this way. But I knew they were not the real thing. I was also scared to have sex because we had sex and the next day my water broke with my daughter. She was 10 days early. Well When I hit 37 weeks I was ready to be done so we tried sex again(a lot!) well he was born 3 days before his due date. It is so hard to tell but I understand being  a little parinoid. My friend started having timeable b-h about 35 weeks also she went in to get checked she was 3cm and they were dialating her about a cm a week because the next week she was 4cm and 5cm the week after.  She went 12 days early.
She was really scared because her son came at 36 weeks and the hospital she was at did not have a NICU so they took him away to another hospital before she got to hold him so she really did not want this one to come early.
I'm already 36 weeks, so if she comes in a week I know she'll be fine. I was born three weeks early and had no problems other than being a little skinny. My daughter was induced 11 days after my due date, so I only have my son's labor to go on. The thing is, the contractions are getting more frequent. They're a little uncomfortable and I'm feeling downward pressure with them. I know they're just B-H and don't mean anything, but it has me a little worried. I have an appointment this Thursday and I'll probably ask to have my doc check my progress. I was hoping to avoid the internal exams for as long as possible, but I think I want to have a better idea of what's going on. I'm mainly worried about going into labor while I'm grocery shopping with the kids or something. Walking gives me major cramps already, I'd hate to not really know the difference between those and real contractions.
Oh, and with my son, having sex triggered the start of labor almost immediately. I woke up with a big, painful contraction just a couple of hours later.
just relax! stress can cause you to contract too. With my first son I had very cansistant timeable bh for weeks and weeks before I was due. I finally went into labour the morning they were going to induce me! lol Also I don't know if you are a big water drinker or  not but dehydration can cause the contractions also, so you should try to drink more water and try and take it easy!
I do my best to drink enough throughout the day, so I don't think that's the problem. The contractions are just like they were with  my son, only in the evenings and generally lasting about an hour. This time they'll continue if I get up and walk around and they seem to be increasing in quantity and strength. I'm not really worried about anything but finishing school. I know she's a big girl who will be healthy, and honestly I do want her to be a little early. I think the reality of having another baby is hitting me and it seems a little overwhelming.
I started getting b-h in my 8th month and they carried on til I delivered. LOL, I was expecting a boy. They measured him at what was supposed to be 7lbs. After 5 ultrasounds 3-d/4-d etc. On July 13, 2011 I delivered a 9lbs 12 ounces 24 inches, BABY GIRL!!!!!! They had it all wrong. I believe the B-H were telling me "Girl, get ready cause this is gonna be an experience of a lifetime". :) I had her exactly one week early from her due date!  Don't forget to update us on your delivery let's see what we're onto here:) Congrats hun and have a safe, smiley and speedy delivery!
Thanks! I definitely will. I find it amusing that I'll (probably) be having my biggest baby this time and I've decided to have a natural birth. (My epidural with my son was the worst experience ever!) So, this should be fun. I made it almost all the way through labor with my daughter without pain meds, my anesthesiologist arrived just in time to give me a spinal block shot and as soo as it kicked in I pushed. So I know what to expect, I didn't have problems with either delivery so I'm not worried about anything. And, my room will have a bathtub, which I'm really looking forward to. My stress and worries have now moved on to how we'll afford Christmas presents, pictures with Santa, etc...Definitely more of a bummer than thinking about my new baby being here a couple of weeks early.
Have you tried a nice warm bath and/or a heat pack? The heat will help to relax your muscles. I have also been told marmite or vegemite. That may be an old wives tale but apparently it's the b vitamins that help with B-H.I had a water birth, the bath really is amazing! We also put in a couple drops of lavender esst. oil. I never knew birthing could be such a nice experience until I had my little one. Good luck with everything!Let us know how you go =D

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