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not a question, to pinkpaisley when i made the post i felt the baby

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i stay at home with my daugter who is 5mths and im pregnant and my husband has the only car and i walk places with my daughter its simple put your baby in the stroler and walk me and my daughter go to the park and the store i have friends thousands of them and i still take care of myself and my family doing that and i think pregnancy is a wonderful thing i think its cool when you first feel the baby move and you can not care about the important milestones of your babys life in and out of the tum tum but i care and im gonna be happy with my pregnancy

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Oceana, good for you. You should enjoy your pregnancy. It's healthy. Feel free to share with us, and ignore the comments you don't like. I agree feeling the baby move for the first time is an amazing moment. Probably one of my favorite memories of being pregnant. It's good that you and your daughter can get out of the house. However, Pinkpaisley did say she lived out in the country. She can't put her baby in the stroller and walk somewhere. So, it isn't as simple as putting a baby in a stroller and walking out to door for her. I have family members who live in rural areas and if they put their baby in the stroller and decided to walk to the store they'd be walking ten miles or more.Everyone's circumstances are different. What works for some doesn't work for others.
im not trying to judge but she doesnt have to be rude becase im happy about my baby and everything that comes along with being pregnant
oceana, i cannot simply put my kid in a stroller, and walk down the street with her. i live in the countrty, but the road at the end of my driveway is very busy. people fly down at around 40 miles an hour. that is no safe place to be walking my kid in a stroller. i'm also 2 houses away from the highway. i live in ms, and around here, it's about 102deg every day. there is little to no shade in my front yard, and there's no wind. it's just hot and humid. not to mention, i have a snake problem because my back yard is nothng but woods, and a small creek that runs right off of my property. so it's not safe in the summer time to frolick around in the yard barefoot under a sprinkler.  i have a small area fenced in the back yard for her to play in, but after ten minutes in the hot sun, she wants to come back in. i don't blame her. i can't stand the heat, either. so that's great that you have all these friends, and neighbors to help you. my daughter's playmates are her 4 dogs. does your husband work 80+ hours a week? there are little to no activities in my area for toddlers. no mommy&me classes, or anything like that. i have looked into dance, but they won't take her until she's atleast 3 1/2. martial arts is out until she's 5. the library is 45 minutes from my house, as well as the zoo. money is very tight, and gas is $5 a gallon here. i'm happy for you that you felt your baby move. that's great. i remeber the first time my daughter kicked me. it was a memorable experience for me as well. you have decided to share every detail of your pregnancy with the internet world, and that's what works for you. great! however, like kimmiapples commented on an earlier question, i'm not rude. take it that wa if you want, that's fine. i don't sugarcoat anything for anyone. i say what i think , and sometimes it can seem abrasive.  
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