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Not a question but so very excited..

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First off Merry Christmas everyone =).... My husband is home this year for christmas after last year being in Iraq.. And we have the most amazing little boy to spend it with as well =)... So very thankful to have my family together this year!

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merry christmas!
aww merry christmas to you as well hun and glad that your little family is able to be together that is the best feeling in the world.. My daughter is 17 months and then Dominic is 2 weeks so it was amazing to see her get all excited abotu the gifts and everything this year it doesnt get any better then that lol
Aw Merry Christmas to you as well and I'm so happy for you that you had your hubby home with you and yall had your little boy! Congrats sweetie! :)
Congratulations on your baby boy!& Kuddos to you darling for being a military wife.
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