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I had my last period around 1/20-1/23 and doing that time my mirena came out. know we have been having protected sex but around his birthday we did not 1/27 for the first time and we did it again aleast 2 more times around the 1/30-2/3, and ever since than I've been sick on my stomach, food stink to me, my favorite food stink,I can smell everything now, I've been dizzy,I want food that I have not eaten in a long time, I need salt so I won't threw up, now my boyfriend is saying that I'm very moody so he thinks I'm preggo he said that he has been noticeing things about me, and now I'm having heartburns in the middle of the night, I have a yeast infection now and don't forget everytime I take off my bra they feel heavy I say do to the bra. my period isn't do to 2/14 around that time and i took a test it came out neg. I think it's all in my head what do you think?

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it may just be all in ur head..if ur last period was on 1/23 you wouldnt ovulate till around 2/7 maybe a couple days earlier..u dont ovulate till 14 days after the 1st day of ur period..ur probbly just really paranoid. tyr not to think about it and the symptoms will probly go away..if u dont get ur period the end of this month then take a test..if u were to be pregnant u would be like 2 days alonh and theres no posible way u would be having sympotoms

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