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Not sure if these are pregnancy symptoms?

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So, first off, I may sound a bit stupid by asking this question because I've never done anything sexual with a boy, and I've never even been alone with one since it's summer currently and I've been spending all my time at home. But recently I've just been feeling really hungry, even after I eat I feel hungrier than before. And this morning I felt a bit nauseous and dizzy. Im not sure what the problem is, I ended my period exactly 2 weeks ago(I do count, it makes it easier for me). And I've never had these problems before so it's kind of worrying me, even though I've never done anything. Is it possible to be pregnant, or am I just having symptoms of something else? and sorry if this is in the wrong category, I don't really know what to put it under.

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Don't worry hun. Things change over the years and your body will start to feel different. If you've never had sex (sorry I'm blunt) you have nothing to worry about there. It's probably a hormonal difference or another change you haven't experienced yet. If you continue to worry in 2 weeks, when your cycle comes again then go see the doctor and they'll help you find the answers but like I said you wont be pregnant if you haven't been sexually active. Good luck and I hope you feel more at ease soon.

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