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not sure what to think...

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so, i went to the ob this morning, im 30 weeks, and the doctor said i needed to come back-in in two weeks and they were going to do a ultrasound again. i had one at 20 weeks. she said that they needed to check something with my intestines and bales. that when she reviewed my last ultrasound before my appointment today she noticed something and want to check it out. not with the baby, but with me. i dont know how to take this development or if i should be worried?

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The fact that they are not rushing to do it means that most likely it is not something to major just something they want to check. I would just try to relax because stressing over something is not going to make it any better or go away. At 30 weeks you start going every 2 week any way so this will just be at your regular appointment.
If your doctor didn't want an ultrasound immediately I wouldn't worry. I can't speculate on what your doctor saw and what he or she thinks might be going on, but it doesn't sound like it's serious since your doctor is waiting until your next appointment to check it out.

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