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Not sure whats going on, just want some opinions before i call dr

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I delivered my 1st child vaginally this January, at my 6 wk postpartum check I had the mirena IUD inserted, and still no period! Shortly after I was having a lot of pain, turns out I had to have my gallbladder removed. Ever since the removal, I've been having lots of digestive issues with my body getting used to not having the gallbladder. Just last night and today though, I've been noticing I'm having fluttering/bumping feelings in my lower abdomen/pelvic region...last night it seemed to go away after I went to the bathroom and had a BM. This morning, however, this bumping/fluttering feeling will not go away, at least not for long. It sort of feels like fetal movement, but I really dont think I could be pregnant, plus the movement isnt sporadic(?) its very rythmic happening every couple of seconds, and I've had no symptoms of pregnancy like I had with my first child. I guess my question is, could this just be digestive tract spasms or should I be concerned about a possible pregnancy with my Mirena still in place? HELP.

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There are such thing as phantom kicks. If you google it you will see a lot of people get them. Even after their baby is a year old. It could also be something else just throwing this out as a posability
It is most likely digestive activity, but it wouldn't hurt to take a home pregnancy test or to see your doctor just to make sure.I had a Mirena and had it removed when I thought I'd had a miscarriage. Because of how easy it is for me to get pregnant I absolutely have to know when to expect my period, just for my own peace of mind.
Well if it has rythem its probably not a baby, I feel fluttering in my belly to but its usually my heart beat or gas. But you can take a pregnancy test.
My cousin got her gallbladder removed and she had similar symptoms. I think it's your body getting use to not having the gallbladder. 
I know with the IUD mirena most women's don't get a period, my sister has it and she does not have a period at all ever since it was inserted (3 years ago), however its not 100% preventable from pregnancy, i would buy a pregnancy test or go to the doctor and have that checked out, i have the IUD paraguard i love it, i get a period every month, its heavy but that gives me a relive that i'm not pregnant. But like i said buy a pregnancy test or go to that doctor so u won't be stressing 

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