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:O scarey but true nd gross!

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im kinda not a expert on STD's but i kno how they are passed! i just want to kno if chlamidia can appear and disappear at points! liike i did get tested positive for it which in embaressing makes me feel dirty nd watnot, buut i hav only been sexually active wit only my boyfriend! i cheated on him once with my first love and that was last year at the end of november! and iwas juz wondering if its possible that i culd hav gotten it from him nd not my boyfriend! i mean can it happen liike that! liike juz not hav any symptoms at all? i kno its the silient desease but there are still itching and watnot from it! but i never had any symptoms for it at all!! im just worried that i got it from my boyfriend nd he says he hasnt been wit no one else but me!! but i hav worries and i just wanna kno if this can go away, then come bakk after a while?? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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You should talk to your ob/gyn about this.
You need to go see your doctor. Especially if you are pregnant. I would think if you are having prenatal care they would have found that in the testing they do. Go talk to your doctor. 
i hav been gettin prenatal care!! nd hav seen a doc!! nd they did find this.. its how i found out!! i juz wanted to kno if i can hav it for a while then it goes away! then it comes bakk..because i dotn wanna believe that my boyfriend cheated on me recently! cause i never hav been sexually active wit no one in the past year, juz my boyfriend
That is a question you will need to ask your doctor. He or she can give you all the information you need.
No, chlamydia doesn't cure itself. I hope your doctor gave you and your boyfriend a therapy. But it is entirely possible that it has a dormant period of months/years, I know HPV does. Ask your doctor. And please, if you're gonna cheat, at least use a condom. Both of you.

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