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Odd Movements

4 answers
I am almost 30 weeks preggo and the baby has just recently started doing these spastic movements. I am not sure what he is doing but it is not the hiccups (my first son had these all of the time so I know very well what they feel like). It does not last a long time but it is one movement after another really quick. Has anyone experienced this before? I am going to the Dr on Tues and am going to ask her then, but it would just be nice to know if someone else has had this and what it could mean. Thanks!

answers (4)

you are not alone lala!...babysitting
my tummy was a playground when i was pregnant. i think it's probably normal, but talk to your doc about it, still.
I talked to her and she said it is normal... It just feels really weird because my first never did this.
I am 7 months and I'd sware sometimes my babygirl is tap dancing in there. At my first major ultrasound the tech swore I was having a boy because she is so active. Sometimes her movements are so quick it makes me a little seasick. Other times its just a smooth fluid movement. When I go to my Doc everything is normal. I think we may just have lively children on the way!!

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