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I’m getting very wide I’m 14 weeks now have a belly but getting more wide I can still fit in size 28 jeans but there getting tight and my hips hurt a lot. Is it normal to be this wide already I knew you spread but I thought only when the baby dropped ?

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every woman and each pregnancy is different. Some people gain their baby weight in different places.//
Your body starts producing the hormone relaxin early on in pregnancy. That hormone allows your joints to relax and expand, which is why some women's feet grow during pregnancy. Your body may be producing more relaxin than other women which would make your hips widen this early on. It also means you may experience pain in your pelvic joint. In all three of my pregnancies my pelvic joint separated more than normal and I had a lot of discomfort. Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do about it during pregnancy. Sometimes a support band for your belly can help take the weight of your baby off of your pelvis a little, but that's all you can really do. After your baby is born you should get a belt that helps bring your pelvis back together. The ShrinxHips belt is great and can be ordered online or found at Babies R Us.

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