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Oh my lord im miserable, plz help?!?!?!?!

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I am overdue, i have been in labor for 24 hrs but my contractions wont get close enough together to go to the hospital. I have an appointment @ 8 tonight to see what they wanna do. In the mean time the pain is excruciating, what can i do to help me get thru the contractions? I am taking tylenol and hot baths are amazingly helpful but ill b a prune if i stay in the bath for the next 8 hrs lol. HELP?????

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Just stay calm, take deep breaths and do what you can to relax. Watch a movie, go for a walk, anything that will get your mind off of the contractions. If you took any birthing classes you should use techniques you learned to help you cope.
I didn't get the epidural while I was having my son it was terrible and I was having back labor, holding a pillow and gentley bouncing helped alot. 

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