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oh so much pressureeeee

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i only work one day a week on sundays at rite aid and for my whole 8 hours im standing . im 25 weeks and i feel so much pressure on my cervix it stings and is really uncomfertable. is anyone else going through this? im not even that big it just hurts.

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im 35 weeks but i can remember when i was 25  weeks i could barely do anything! I could barely breathe and it would hurt my pelvis to walk.My doctor said not to worry,as the baby grows your pelvis expands to accomodate more space so your ligaments are loose.But even then,8 hours is a ong time for anyone to be standin on their feet all should ask your boss if You are allowed to sit a littl more throughout the day.
I agree with Poonie. I am 22 weeks and went to the ER at 20 weks for this exact reason. I was told that it was round ligament pain and was informed the pain was due to the baby growing bigger. A maternity belt may help the pain, but you probably should not be standing for that long. Ask your Doctor if your really concerned. Hope this Helps and God Bless!

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