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ok ?

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ugh, Never even thought of having postpartum! but just reading up and I think i do, Im tired a lot, i want to eat nothing but junk(usually very healthy) I cry a lot, I feel so sad a lot, WHATS WRONG? what can I do?

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Your hormones are going crazy, and it is normal. I am just now getting back to my old self, and my daughter is 7 months old. If you think you have post partum depression, call your doc and get an anti-depressant. You don;t have to take it forever and it can really make a difference.
Your hormones spend a lot of time getting back to normal after you have a baby. I know that as a stay at home mom things were difficult for me after my first baby was born. Once I had my son there was honestly too much going on for me to even think much about myself, so I couldn't pay much attention to my emotions. I learned to just take things one day at a time and let my body regulate itself naturally. Some days were harder than others but I worked through it and did my best to find joy in the little things. Being a mama is a lot of work but it's worth every second. And just so you know, I feel exactly the way you do right now. I'm pregnant, but it's still difficult to deal with sometimes. I got a call yesterday saying our dishwasher and range wouldn't be delivered unti lnext week and all I could do was cry.If I were you I would try to avoid antidepressants. My husband's aunt committed suicide whiel on them and my husband almost did after he got back from Iraq. His doctor misdiagnosed him as being bi-polar and his antidepressant made him even more suicidal, just like the commercial warn. They would be my absolute last resort because they can be so dangerous, even when people really need them. In your case I would just try to maintain healthy eating habits (eat as much organic as possible, especially meat and dairy which normally get pumped full of hormones), get some exercise (talking your son for walks or for trips to the park is great for both of you) because it releases endorphins which naturally improve your mood, and know that nothing is really wrong with you. Hormones fluctuate and moods change. You could try some herbs that help regulate hormones like wild yam, vitex and red clover.
I think because my husband has had my car for the past month and i havent been able to go anywhere with my son, and hes been clingy,whinny, wont eat,wont let me put him down. But we get his car back tomorrow so im hoping that will help, thanks
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That will definitely help! I know I was feeling overly stressed and trapped because my husband needed to take my debit car with him when he went to school. I still had my car but had no money and couldn't do anything. So I know how that feels! Just hang in there, things will get better. And of course, there are always people around here who will talk, listen and give you support!

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