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OK to put a cot in moms room for summer to not run A/C upstairs?

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Mom's bedroom is downstairs, 5 year old's is upstairs. Is it ok to put a cot in my room for the summer as to not run the A/C at a cooler temp upstairs. It will save $100's during the summer.

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Sure.  The only problems you're going to run into are if your child is an excessively noisy sleeper and you can't sleep when they're in the room (or vice versa).  And at the end of the summer, your child might not want to go back to his or her own room - or maybe they don't want to move in the first place. But you won't cause any lasting harm from trying it for a few days.  Yay for saving electricity AND money!  :)
what's wrong with just getting a small window unit a/c, or a huge box fan? i understand the need to save power, and money, but when you start this bad habbit of putting your kid in the same room with you to sleep at night, you could very easily run into problems later on down the road when you put her back in her own room. i live in a very old house, and my daughter's room has no a/c. i just put a fan in her room, and during the day, point it towards the door, so the cold air can circulate during the day, and when she takes a nap, and goes to bed, i point it directly at her bed. saved me and my husband $200. we didn't have to buy a new a/c for her room, and it also saves on power.
I agree with pinkpaisley it can cause problems to put your child in your room with you, even if you only want to do it during the summer. Im speaking from experience we put our son in our room at night, in his own bed, to save some much needed money. & now we are having a heck of a time trying to keep him in his own bed all night. Nowe he wakes up in the middle of the night at some point in time & very quietly sneaks into our room & into our bed. Its driving me crazy! I would suggest opening a window in your childs room at night, & even all the windows in the house. this lets the cool air in & adding a fan will help a ton too. I love opening up the house at night to cool things down, it keeps the need to turn on the a/c down to almost nothing which is really great. I also close this windows before going to bed. Id say give this a try before resorting to your child sleeping in your room. good luck
YES! by all means, do what you need to do to save money. as far as problems it may cause, just make sure you explain your reasons to your child, and make the transition back to her own room gradual & low-key, maybe find some small motivation for her to do well.

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