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OK, what is my deal?

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My best friend in the whole world is pregnant and she is due two weeks before my daughter tunrs 1. I am super-excited that our kids are going to be so close in age, andI can't wait to throw her a shower...but...I find myself slightly annoyed by her pregnancy and her pregnancy-related complaints. I really don't know why. Help! I want to be happy!

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Maybe you are jealous now that the attention is on her. My friend admitted to me that when I was pregnant, she secretly wished it were her, (she has a 2 year old). She said that she missed all the attention and was a little jealous that all our friends always gave me all the attention. I think that is human nature, we like the attention and being pregnant is such a special time in a woman's life, you may just be missing being pregnant yourself.As for her pregnancy complaints, some mom to be's do go overboard but remember how uncomfortable it is sometimes in your pregnancy. My daughter thought my bladder was a trampoline and my ribs were something for her to stretch off of.Don't feel bad, I think it's normal to feel a bit jealous. Just try remember that this is her special time and be the best friend you can be, even if inside you do feel annoyed by her.  
Maybe that is it..I guess maybe I feel like it should still be my time. I feel like such an idiot, but I think she has always demanded to be center of attention and I never have.

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