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okay need a little information please and thank you!!!

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ok so i was on birthcontrol for a month and it ended on the 19th of march due to things getting switched around. anyways, i had my period at the end of my white pills which lasted from the 15th till the boyfriend and i had unprotected sex(the 24th-27th, yes everyday between those days) and the pull out method was not used either....i believe you start ovulating 2 weeks before your next period which would be today (correct me if im wrong). and i just want to know if im at a high risk of getting pregnant.....last time this happened was around october of 2012 which resulted in my now 9 month old please?!?!

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Any time you have unprotected sex you are risk for getting pregnant. When you ovulate is different for every woman. The 14 day rule is just an average. I used ovulation tests and found that I ovulate 10-12 days before my period, the minimum length or successfully getting pregnant, though that hasn't been an issue. Others ovulate sooner than 14 days. The bottom line-If you don't want to get pregnant, don't have unprotected sex. And especially don't repeat the behaviors that got you pregnant the first time around if your aren't ready for another child.
i just wanna know if my chances are good or id love another kid. 
Unless you know when you ovulate, no one can give you the odds of whether or not you will get pregnant. But obviously, if you are having unprotected sex it is much more likely that you will get pregnant.

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