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okay someone help please

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hey guys, so i just found out on saturday that i'm pregnant. not sure how far along, but i went to the hospital to make sure the pains i'd been having didn't mean i was having an eptopic pregnancy and the levels doubled from 348 saturday to 673 monday as they should. i've lost three babies and i am really paranoid about losing this one...can someone tell me what is safe and not safe during pregnancy especially the first trimester and is there a way to tell the sex in the first trimester without having a medical procedure done?

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Don't drink, smoke or do drugs. Avoid caffeine, artificial sweeteners and junk food. Eat a healthy diet and keep your exercise level the same as it's been. If you haven't already, see your doctor to discuss your concerns.
Oh, also talk to your doctor about foods you should avoid during pregnancy. A quick list is: raw fish, undercooked meats, cold deli meats or hot dogs, beef jerky, sprouts, and pay attention to recalls for meats, eggs, and produce.And, there are tests you can buy that are supposedly over 90% accurate at determining gender, but it's best to just wait until your 20 anatomy scan for the most reliable result possible.

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