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Okay, then, may I ask about symptoms?

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As you know, I'm trying to get pregnant and I have been pregnant once before, but I do not remember much about the first few weeks. So, my question is this: what's the first few symptoms of pregnancy? All the magazines, quizzes, info slides, etc say that you're chest will hurt, you'll get cramps, you'll become constipated, nasuea will ensue, you'll feel bloated, you'll want to crawl into bed all day/every day, etc etc... Since I have calmed down (thank you V and Olive for helping me with it) and stopped pyching myself out about it, here's what I have noticed: I'm tired all the time (even when I get nine hours of sleep); I wake up multiple times during the night; I have to go to the bathroom, like, every hour; my mood swings are erratic; the ring around my arealos (sp?) has gotten darker and I have minor crampage. The cramps hurt, but they don't feel like they did with my first pregnancy (those OMG hurt) and the cramps come, like, once a day. My chest DOES NOT hurt, I'm not naseous, I'm not getting dizzy spells, I HAVE NOT spotted and, like I said, the cramps don't feel like pregnancy cramps. Can someone help me sort this all out?? I looked back at the calendar and I did have sex with my husband during my ovulation days so, there IS a chance that I could be pregnant, but there's also a chance that I couldn't. In December, I had a twenty-day long period, which made me skip the month of January. However, on my calendar, I was supposed to start the next period on the 10th of February, which I did. I'm giving long explanations and quite a few thousand questions because, Mommies, I'm worried and I'm looking for a little hope. This Sunday, I'm, retaking an EPT (hopefully, it comes out positive) and I will let ya'll know the results. In the meantime, can someone answer my previous question: what's the very first symptoms of pregnancy?

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whiile when i was pregnant with my son i had alot of morning sickness that lasted thru my 4 month's it sucked and my breast hurt like crazy and any little smell would make me wanna throw up and my mood swings would make me sad mad and all that etc. so idk what would be first for you every pregnancie is differnt(: but let us know! hope it comes out great!!
Jessica, I remember THAT about my first pregnancy.  My horomones went into a turmoil: one minute I was fine and encouraging and the next, I was ready to cry and/or rip someone's head off.  I was naseous, too, but I never threw up.  I TRIED to, but it never happened.  Of course, I was six weeks along when I finally found out that I was pregnant.  Two weeks later, I lost him.Hopefully, though, I am pregnant.  I keep praying, "let the impossible be possible" and "let me go to sleep on Saturday, wake up on Sunday, take an EPT and have a purpose."  However the result, I will post about it.  Thanks for the reponse!! =D
My first symptom was nausea. I had bad morning sickness (which was all day sickness) for the first 4 months. Smells bothered me bad all through my pregnancy. I did get darkened areolas but not until like my 6th month. And that went away with time. I had to pee all the time by my 5th month. My breasts started leaking at the 5th month. And I think that was all the symptoms off hand I remember. Every pregnancy is different but that is what happened to me. 
Oh yeah I was really tired through the first trimester. The second I felt great then the third, I was tired again.
With my second and third babies the first sign was tendder breasts. With my third that happened almost immediately, maybe two weeks in at the most. The morning sickness, which I only got with my girls, kicked in at about 6 weeks. I didn't really get overly tired with my first until the morning sickness started. With the second and third I was probably exhausted from the start, mainly because I had other kids to take care of, not necessarily because of the pregnancy. The other thing I noticed early on was the hormones. With my girls I cried at the frop of a hat, with my son I got incredibly angry. I didn't get any cramps or anything else.
Well, I hope I'm pregnant, but Sunday will tell the tale.  I would ask people to pray for me, that the impossible is possible, but I don't know how many readers/writers pray.  =x Thank you for the answers.
 Kcoure- well im pretty sure you do i was just giving you an idea of what first could be for you.. but that's what happened to me & i was deffinetly tired and just wanted to sleep during my last trimester, and im so so so very sorry that you lost your baby well he's in heaven(:  well just keep praying and maybe just maybe god will answer your prayer's i will keep you in my prayer's as well i hope and pray it does come out the way you want it to(: having a baby is wonderful well it's harder for me im barely going to be 17  in september my son is 2 month's and 1 day already(: but it's hard but worth it all(: god alway's help's me when i need it(: just be positive and think positive don't doubt that it won't come out the way you want!! well im here for you
It's definitely possible that you are pregnant. With my third I knew exactly when I was ovulating, so I knew when I conceived. It took about a week to get a positive result on a test. With my second I wasn't expecting to get pregnant as soon as I did, but I knew that I was immediately (and I knew I was having a boy). We weren't trying so I didn't re-test right away, I waited about two weeks and got a positive. So just hang in there, you'll know soon enough!
Just wanted to say that I lost my first baby also and I was so terrified that I wouldn't get pregnant again or that I would lose another baby. Well, I got pregnant and now I have a beautiful daughter and feel so blessed. Losing a baby is really hard, but sadly it is a common thing. I'm sure one day (hopefully soon) you will be a mommy too. Good luck hun!

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