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Once creal is introduced to a child how much milk should they be given

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I assume you're talking about a baby between 4-8 months to whom you've just introduced solids?  You shouldn't really be decreasing the milk intake at this point.  Cereal isn't going to provide the nutrients to a baby in the same way that breastmilk or formula does.  For babies under one year, introducing solids is more about getting them used to eating solid food, not about nutrition.  The majority of their nutrition is coming from breastmilk or formula, at least until they're eating a much more varied diet with veggies, fruits, grains and proteins. If your baby is a different age, I apologize for the confusion.  This would make a great question for your pediatrician at your next visit, too.
don't worry about cutting down on the milk for now. i gave my daughter cereal in her bottle at 5 weeks, and jar food at 8 weeks. by the time she was 5 months old, she was eating table food, and we got rid of the jar food completely.
PinkPaisley, your baby should not have cereal in a bottle or anything other solids before 4 months. The AAP Reccomends waiting to introduce anything other than breastmilk or formula until your baby is six months old. The idea that cereal helps a baby sleep through the night is a myth. Your baby should be introduced to stage 1 baby food which is runny, pureed food. Making your own is best. Cereal does not necessariliy need to be your baby's first food and experts are now saying that it may not be the best food to offer first. Avocado, sweet potato, or oatmeal are good first foods. You can simply mash the avocado or sweet potato with a fork. Your baby won't eat much solids to start. Their tummy is only the size of their fist so a few teaspoons should do it. Follow their cues. Do not force your baby to eat more than they want. If they are spitting the food out or turning their head away, then try again tomorrow. An interest in the spoon is not necessarily an interest in the food either. At this point, offer your baby solids only once a day and breastfeed or offer a bottle just as often as you have been up to this point. Breast milk or formula are the source of nutrients for a baby under one year as Arizona mentioned. 
The same amount they were being given before. Cereal doesn't provide much nutrition and babies still need mainly milk or formula.

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