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One positive test pregnancy test last night, one negative test this...

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. . . morning. Any idea why this happened? Here's a pick of the first one, this may help . . . Does it look like an evaporation line or an actual line. It came up within the ten minute time limit. I was expecting my period on the eighteenth.

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You might be and you might not be, this happened to me. I did a test at home that said positive and then I went to a free clinic and got one that said negative. My husband had already told his whole family so I started to cry and decided to check one more time so I went to another clinic payed for a test and it came back positive and they told me that the reason behind that was that I was pregnant but it was still really early and now 7 months later I'm pregnant and waiting for my little girl who will be here in March. So you should probably wait or test again later. Good luck!
I would say take another one. I think I read somewhere that there are more false negatives than there are false positives. Try taking another one and see which way it goes. Good luck sweetie! :)

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