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one week late three days later period but light only for three days?

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hi everyone , on December 3 2012 i had my mirena removed only had it in for three months, then started birth control well only for one week then stopped, i had unprotected sex twice once in one week 12/16-estimate and the other in the next week 12/27 (with my bf!!) my period was due on the 8th or so i expected . It showed up 10 days later but light then mid day kinda dark but not really. Today which is the 21 of January(2013) it stopped kinda weird i usually have it a whole week . My breast been sore since one week and a half before my period now their still swollen and sensitive to the touch of the nipple and my veins on my chest are much darker even after my "period" stopped? idk what to think or do, i'll be getting HCG test in a week or so ,so i'll test to see . The symptoms i'm getting are nausea, fatigue,tender breast, cant stand some smells and also picking up smells, I'm going to the restrooms a lot, lower back pain ,a bit abdominal pain, and craving mostly acidy foods . If anyone can write back any opinions or advice it will really help . thank you ! ** the thing that worries me is the "period" i read you can bleed during pregnancy and you cant so I'm confused .

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You will need to take a pregnancy test. That's when only way to know whether or not you are pregnant. It's possible that you are, but it's also possible that some of your symptoms are caused by hormonal fluctuations from the Mirena and birth control, and some could be caused by you just thinking you're pregnant. There's no way to know until you take a pregnancy test.

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