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Opinions wanted . . . Does Emma Elizabeth complement Annaliese Kate?

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We were only supposed to have our first daughter. Her name is Annaliese Kate Johnson. To our happy surprise, we found out that we are expecting again. We LOVE Annaliese's name and want a name that is equally as fitting and that goes well with Annaliese. They are going to be (almost) exactly two years apart, so my husband and I really feel that that should go well together. Elizabeth is definitely the middle name. But any honest opinions will be very much appreciated.

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First off, congratulations!!I like both Emma and Elizabeth as names. But, I'm not sure that Emma Elizabeth flows well because of the connecting vowels. Also, I'm not sure if this matters to you or not, but Emma is a very popular name right now and depending on how popular it is in your area your daughter could end up one of a few Emma's in her class.I will say though, I put an excessive amount of thought into naming my kids. My husband and I both hate our unusual names so finding nice, traditional but not overly common names for our kids was incredibly important to us. We have Audrey Olivia, Harrison Thomas, and Vivienne Eloise was just born three weeks ago. (I'm not super in love with Eloise, but it's her great-great-grandmother's name and Vivienne was born on what would have been her 100th birthday. So I thought it was fitting to honor her.)
Congrats!!I think Emma Elizabeth is a beautiful name but I agree that it doesn't flow very well together. I named my kids bryer joeseph,kaliana dayluna but we call her kailey, and after alot of thought we have decided to name our son mason robert.
I love those names, but like the others said doesn't exactly flow, If you dont mind my idea, Lelliana Elisabeth, I have always loved, the name, It is from a video game, however, but its a cute name though, Congrats as well!
Thank you guys for your input! It is really appreciated! 

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