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out of all the early symptoms which would come 1st w/in 1st 4 weeks

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1st month's symptoms about 1 week late on period

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I had to use the restroom alot very early on. Also, almost everything i ate made me feel sick!!!
It will really depend on your body and this pregnancy.  it's important to remember that every pregnancy will be different.  what you experience this time, may not happen next time or the time after that.  Go by what your body is telling you.  You may not experience any of the "typicals" or have any symptoms at all.  Trust your instinct and listen to your body, don't over analyze if you don't have a symptom.  Enjoy your pregnancy!  :)
For me its always being so overly tired. I can't do anything to keep myself awake if I'm at home. I have to be out at a store or doing something to be able to keep awake. This time around it was so weird for me because I got almost all the normal symtoms right off. Before I even missed my period! You may not have any symptoms if not lucky you :) Have you taken a test yet? If not be sure to use the first urine of the morning and make sure you have gone in hours before that so the hormone is strong enough to be picked up. Good luck hope you get the results you want :)
I knew immediately that i was pregnant just because of tired i was all the time for no apparent reason, it didnt matter how much i slept at all! then i began to notice the peeing more symptom and the breast tenderness, you'll experience ita ll im sure, this is my 5th baby and its been the same for each pregnancy :)
Oh, and also that i was very sick to my stomach after eating anything, if i could even eat, that goes away after a month or two at most usually though
i had to use the restroom twice much as before....but my morning sickness can way before that.

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