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Outside fits

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Please help me My almost 2 yr old always throw fits to go outside. And he dont care who it is if Im out side all he does is cry for me cause Im out side if its his dad he crys for him. So how do I get my almost 2 yr old to stop crying to go outside all the time even at night with out scaring him about the dark

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He probably just needs to spend more time outside. He could also be going through a phase of separation anxiety. Just explain that when you leave somewhere you'll always come back.
Kids love the outside and its good to take them outside alot I take my daughter outside to play alot, and shes healthy and happy because of it. If you just take him outside for 10 minutes a day he won't wanna go outside all the time. Separation anxiety is normal in children and even more if the parents work, if you you explain to him that you will come back he won't worry as often.
@Oceana 10 minutes isn't nearly enough. That's just enough time to tease them with outdoor fun, not enough to actually run around and play. They need 30-60 minutes and more if you can manage it. My kids spend an hour or more outside playing a few days a week. They don't go out every day but 3-4 times a week is enough because they spend longer amounts of time playing. 
I am not saying just for 10 minutes I usually take my baby out for 45 minutes a day.But for someone who might not take their kid out or not want to take their kid out for long then for atleast 10 minutes.
What I'm saying is that in this situation 10 minutes isn't enough. I've seen it plenty of times with my kids and with other kids. For a child who gets this worked up about wanting to go outside, 10 minutes is going to result in a huge tantrum when it's time to go in and that really doesn't solve the problem.
Babyblues you need to let your son play outside as much as you can now. If you keep inside now in the future it will be that much harder to get him outside. The only reasons parents dont take their kids out is pure laziness and I know because sometimes I would rather sit inside watching tv than take my kids to the park. But than I realize that I am just instilling a lazyness in my kiddos that I will later regret. Getting him out of the house even for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood will wear him out and than youll have a chance to catch up on whatever you were doing while he is napping!
Ok to all my son can be outside ALL DAY and still cry and want to go outside I am NOT lazy and my kid dont just say in and I not take him outside. He just wants outside all the time like today he was outside all day and he still wanted to go out when I brought him in not lazy just a kid who allways wants to go out. He likes to go out and play and dig in dirt he stays out side and when me or my hubby goes out he wants to follow and throws a huge fit when he cant

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