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Over weight baby, what to do?

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My baby is 11 weeks old today and is quite over weight. I took on people's advice to help him sleep when he was exactly 4 weeks old and gave him rice in his night time bottles for 3 weeks... but, haven't put it in his bottles since then b/c we noticed how much his looks had changed just within those 3 weeks. Well, he now eats about 5-6 ounce bottles with Gerber Goodstart Gentle, with no rice and is still quite big. He is now about 15 lbs. I feel awful for those 3 weeks of me listening to other people and don't know how to get him to get back down to normal. His chin rolls have chin rolls! Ha.. He is just perfect to me, but it makes me feel bad to hear others say how chunky he is and how he "hasn't missed a meal." Any advice??

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What does your pediatrician say about your baby's weight?  I checked a baby weight chart online, and according to it, an 11 week old male baby weighing 15 pounds is in the 70th percentile of his age group - i.e., NOT OVERWEIGHT. Stop worrying about your baby's weight.  Some babies are just bigger than others.  He'll grow out of it when he starts sprouting up as a toddler.  Continue ignoring the people commenting on his weight, or come up with a snappy reply.  Better yet, the truth: "He's in the 70th percentile, and I think he's perfect.  I'm sorry you don't feel the same way."
Chunky babies are still healthy. If he is really in the 70th percentile, he is perfectly fine. However, I would stop using Rice in his bottle because he will keep gaining way more weight than he should. My youngest daughter was so chunky, she couldn't wear jean shorts when she was a 3 months old because they were too tight on her legs. She was in the 75th percentile. Around 6 months she started crawling, she grew alot taller and all that chunkiness went away. I constantly get told how tiny both my girls are. The bottom line is that you should have a doctors appt coming up and the doctor will tell you exactly what to do. To me it sounds like it is all normal baby fat that he will grow out of.
At 11 weeks old I really wouldn't worry so much about baby fat. My daughter had plenty of fat on her at 11 weeks. Now, even with her fierce appetite, my doctor said that although she is healthy she's also slighty underweight for her age.Babies lose baby fat as they get older, don't worry so much, he's perfectly normal.
There's no reason to worry about your baby's weight. At all. Whether it's proportional to your baby's height nor not. My daughter was in the 90th or 95th percentile (or above) for weight and was in the 50th for height until she started walking. In her first year she saw three different pediatricians (we moved and then switched docs). Only one commented on her weight but even then he said not to worry much because she would most likely even out once she started walking. And when she did start walking her percentiles flip-flopped. At her one year appointment she was in the 90th percentile for height and only the 50th for weight.My son is a monster and was always off the charts for both weight and height. At 16 months his head is still off the chart. He currently weight only 3 pounds less than my almost 3 year old daughter. He has always been heavy but it's been proportional with his height.As babies get older they put on more fat stores to prepare for the transitions they make as they develop new physical skills. It takes time for babies' appetites to catch up with increased activity so they use those fat stores for a while. Most babies have increases in weight around three months, when they usually start rolling over, around 6 months when they usually start crawling and around 12 months when they usually start walking. The bottom line is that weight is just a number, no matter who you're talking about. Some babies are chubby, others are skinny. All of them are wonderful and perfect and for the most part, can't be changed. If your pediatrician isn't concerned, you shouldn't be either. And even if your pediatrician is concerned he or she won't put your baby on a diet because that isn't healthy for growing babies. Chances are good your baby will lose the baby fat eventually. For now, just enjoy your squishy little sweetheart while he still lets you cuddle him. Because chances are he'll be too busy for hugs before you know it!
My daughter has been in the 90-99% since she was 2 months old. Her doctor has not once been concerned about her weight. At 4 months old she was almost 19lbs, but now at 7 months she is 20.5lbs. She is getting taller, but no longer putting on weight quickly. My boyfriend's mother refers to her as a "chunker" and I constantly hear from others how big of a baby I have on my hands or that she sure doesn't miss any meals. . I would really like to explain to people that she doesn't "miss any meals" because we make sure she eats a variety or fruits, veggies, grains and her normal 30-36 oz of formula a day, but I refrain. I don't get defensive, I just tell everyone that I have a perfect, healthy baby girl and we couldn't be more thankful for her health.
well first off...I have always been told by my kids ped to NEVER put anything in his bottle except his MILK. 4 weeks is REALLY young to be giving him anything except his formula, he is getting all the nutrition he needs from that formula.Secondly WHO told you the baby was "Overweight"? My kids were born big and I am sure by 11 weeks they were well past the 15lbs and neither was "overweight".He is just a baby and some babies are heftier than others, it's really not a big deal. don't let people tell you otherwise. Once he starts crawling and getting more mobile he will likely thin out more. your baby isn't meant to be skin and bones, and frankly I don't go for listening to others advice, Ask your pediatrician if someone gives you advice that you think sounds like a good idea, when people give unwanted advice just say "thanks I'll consider it" and forget about them. I am sure that these people who told you to put rice in a 4 week old babies bottle also would advise you to use alcohol on a teething babies gums...would you do that also? Things have changed tons in the years past and the older generations are full of advice that is no longer recommended. This is your child do what YOU and your ped think is right and not everyone else.
Rice cereal in a bottle is a really old school idea that supposedly helps babies sleep better. But, I've heard from plenty of people that it actually makes sleeping habits worse becausen it makes babies gassy as their new digestive systems try to digest it before they're ready. My grandma tried to get me to do it with my daughter and I flat out told her no. But, there are still plenty of people who do it. Ultimately, it doesn't hurt anything and it doesn't really cause massive weight gain in babies. Babies naturally put on more fat as they get older.I agree with cresteds, don't listen to the unsolicited advice that other people give you. Even if you're a first time mom and feel like you have no idea what you're doing, only you know what works for you and your baby. Get real advice form your pediatrician when you need it and for the most part, don't listen to anyone else.

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