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Pacifier trouble

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My 8 month old son is addicted to his pacifier. He takes naps and goes to bed for the night with it. He plays within during the day and wakes up in themiddleof the night for it. As of next month he will only have it for bed time and naps. Then the month after only bed time. By the time he's a year I want the binkie gone! My problem is that he will not sleep without it. Anyone have any ideas how to ditch the binkie?

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I got lucky with my son, he was 8 months old and had a little cold. He couldn't breathe with a pacifier so I took them away and he never noticed. But with my daughter it was a little harder. She would chew on them during the day or would play with them, and when she was 9 months old I took them away during the day. At bedtime I gave her a little bit of water in a bottle so that she could have the comfort of sucking. She handled that easily and didn't need one for sleeping after that. but naps were hard. I tried the water and just stuck with that. It only took her about a week to get over the pacifiers. There were a few days where it was rough, but she handled it easily.If you try the water, also try to wean him off of that soon. My daughter just turned three and was still insisting on a water bottle at nap and bedtime. It wasn't until the water bottle leaked all over her bed that she finally accepted no drinks in bed. we cut off my son at the same time (he's 18 months) and he didn't have a problem. But, it's a habit that can be hard to break, so ending sooner is better than later.

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