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Pacifiers???? When is too old?

3 answers
My baby is 7 months now and i want to know when does he need to say good bye to the pacifier and how do i take is away???

answers (3)

i took the pacifier away from my first son at 6 months, he was fine. i tried at 6 months with my second son (who is 11 months now) and he cried every night, so i gave in.  at the next dr. visit i asked his ped and he said, no need to take it away before a year old. studies show it doesn't effect their teeth and it actually may decrease the risks/chances of sids. i think the older they get, the more attached they are but i've only been giving it to him at naps, bedtime and if he gets cranky when we are out. i will try again next month and keep trying every couple wks until he is off it.  good luck!
But wait too long to do this. As they get older they have more of a personality and more stubbon. I waited too long with my second son who I am still fighting with to get rid of it. Around a year , 18 months the latest, I think is a great time if they seem a little more depended on it.
12 months is the magic number. start weening now, and it won't be a major problem. only bedtime and naptime. on the night before the first bday, take it away. DONT GIVE IT BACK! the worst thing you can do is give in when they pitch a fit about it.

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