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Pain and pressure?

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Is it normal to have pressure and sharp pains in the vaginal area? I haven't experienced this with any of my other pregnancies and it is worrying me. I am only 33 weeks (on Wednesday) so even if it is normal is it normal this early or does it seem like I will have her early? Any answers are greatly appreciated! Thanks

answers (2)

The pain and pressure can be from your baby leaning on nerves that lead to that area. Or she may be in a funny position. Try laying different ways and walking around between periods of resting.It could also be from being on your feet too long. If they dont go away give your Dr a call so they can check out you and baby just to be sure everything is ok.
Agreed with casey414. I had alot of pain and pressure and shooting pains in that vaginal area with my last 2 pregnancies (I don't remember if I had that with my first). I was told that it's nerves and the way baby's laying etc. I didn't find too much to help take it away. And it's normal, well for my last pregnancy, to have the pain the start that early.

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