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this pain is horrible i cant sleep at night and they feel like..

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everyday i get this pain and it's horrible i can barely walk up and down the night i cant sleep at all i wake up throwing up and i feel like i have to push out a bowll movement and i cant..this pain feels like a contaction everyday i feel this pain at school ive thrown up in classs and everything this pain is getting worse what could it be i don't have an appoinment till next see my doctor

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Pregnancy comes with all sorts of aches and pains, most of which are normal. But, I would call your doctor's office to at least talk with a nurse. Your doctor may want to see you sooner than next week.
i know and i will when i get home..also i was wanting to ask you because your so helpfull and thank you for that..well im at school and i have this pain in my tummy the baby was moving and all of a sudden the baby stopped this has been happing alot is it normal is it safe..i also feel like i have to throw up but nothing comes out..
I'm due Dec. 26th and I've been getting nausea lately. Sometimes it happens becuase I don't eat enough, sometimes it just happens for no reason. It's normal and common when you get close to labor and delivery (not that I'm saying your baby will be early or anything, but you are getting closer to your due date). It's pretty normal for babies to move and then stop. Just pay attention to what you're feeling and make sure your baby moves around again in a few hours (or sooner). Mine will go crazy for a fee minutes and then won't do anything for a long time. She especially likes to move during my Braxton-Hicks contractions, which makes them even more uncomfortable. That may be the case with you as well, even if you can't feel the contractions, not everyone can feel them.I've been getting lots of stabbing cramps lately, it's just normal round ligament pain. It sucks, but it goes away eventually. Yesterday I had one major cramp come on while I was sitting, it wasn't even from moving. I'm actually sort of glad to have them. I'm having a medication free birth this time and I use those pains as practice for dealing with contractions!
oh ok wow! your close already..and oh ok i just wanted to make sure because i don't want nothing to happen to my son..oh yeah those hurt alot i that happen's to me to when i sit down or try to bend down and wow!! well i hope everything goes good with your baby girl and..i was wanting to ask if my baby's big will i have to have him thru c-section.? because that happen to my sister when she had my nephew when she was 16 as well so im just wondering because i don't wanna have him thru c-section it look's like the pain is unbareable..
It's possible, but every woman and every baby is different. Generally speaking, babies don't get too big (10+ pounds) unless the mother has gestational diabetes (or another problem) that isn't well controlled during pregnancy. For the most part, babies don't get huge. Sometimes if a baby's head and/or shoulders are too big to fit through the birth canal a woman will need a c-section, or if labor/delivery causes significant distress to the baby it can be necessary.But most of the time things go just fine. My son (my second baby) was 8lbs 9oz and had a huge head. My pelvis separated enough that he made it out with any problems. I didn't even spend 5 minutes pushing him out. My daughter was a little smaller, with her I pushed three times and she was out. I'll be having a medication free birth this time (I have a back problem that made my epidural last time absolutely horrible) and even though I'm betting this baby will be at least 9 pounds, I know I won't have any problems.Don't worry too much about the "what ifs" and the scary potential outcomes. Stay positive and chances are good things will be just fine.
oh ok then..and i know do you know a good place to buy baby clothes and does breastfeeding hurt and when i have the baby will they make me breastfeed.?
Whether or not you breastfeed is up to you. Chances are your doctor and nurses will at least have you try, and you might as well. Your milk will come in no matter what and it's much, much cheaper than formula! It's also great for you and your baby for a lot of reasons.With my first two I tried but wasn't able to breastfeed. My daughter had latching problems so it was painful. My son was better and the only reason it got painful was because he went through my colostrum very quickly and it took a couple of days for my milk to come in. So essentially, he was just sucking and sucking and wasn't getting anything, which made it painful for me. I'm going to try again this time around, I'm even going to meet with a lactation consultant in the hospital to make sure things go the way they are supposed to.As far as baby clothes go, it depends on what you want to do. You can get great deals at thrift stores, but used clothing creeps me out. I prefer Carter's clothes for my kids. They don't shrink much, and they are longer and thinner than other brands. Some brand of clothing will shrink so that after the first washing they are wider than they are long. I've seen this happen with Circo (Target brand), Baby Gap, and other brands. Old Navy isn't usually too bad, they hold their shape well. But what you prefer will depend on how your baby is shaped. Mine tend to have long torsos, so the Carter's clothes fit them really well. But if you have a really chubby baby they may be too tight. I usually get my clothes at Babies R Us or Target. Carter's has a line at Target called Just One You. Oh, and I find that Gerber clothes are tiny, they run about one size smaller than other brands.
oh ok yeah my doctor told me that the first milk that comes out when i breastfeed is very good for the baby,and also it would be a good bond betweeen us..and oh okk thank's yeah everytime i go in for an ultra sound, son look's chubby his head look's huge!! but i'll try babies r us! and how much does formula really cost because ever store i go to it say's that it's like 15-17 dollar's..
Babies always look big on ultrasounds, and until they're born their heads are disproportionately big.The price of formula depends on the brand you buy. Infamil and Similac are about $20-23 for a large can of powder, the small cans are about $15. If you want a good organic formula (I used Earth's Best for my son) it'll be about $27 for a large can at Babies R Us/Toys R Us. It's more expensive but it's healthier because it isn't made with genetically engineered ingredients. (The long term effects of consuming genetically engineered foods has not been tested.)If you're eligible, you can use the WIC program and can get formula for free, either Similac or Infamil depending on which brand is contracted with your local office. They usually give about 9 small cans a month, which should be enough for an average baby.It wasn't nearly enough for my son though. He grew incredibly fast and ate a ton. The first week after he was born he was taking 6 ounce bottles, which is insane. Most babies will only drink 1-2 ounce bottles as newborns. So the WIC formula was only about half of what he needed and they wouldn't give us more. Once we were off of WIC we were spending about $150 a month on formula alone.
Yeahh Myy Mom Told Me That 2..I Hope His Head Isn't Huge Becasue Then IT'll Hurt When I Give Birth..? && Wow!! That's Alot Of Money && WOW!! That's Crazy && Very Exspienceive..! && Also,..Myy BabyDaddy Is Acting Very Different Now..Like All He Wannt's To Do Is Sleep All Dayy && Now Imm Starting To Think That He Isn't As Ready As He Was Before..?&& He's Always Telling Me That It's Only My Son && Try's 2 Accuse Me Off Cheating ALL The Time..Any Advice You Can Give Me..?


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