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painful backaches in the 3rd trimester

2 answers
I am 37 weeks on sunday and having periodic back aches that feel like a bad kidney infection is this what back labor may feel like? I know its not my kidneys I just saw my doc and these come and go. I don't get any tightening in my stomach that I can feel but sometimes I cramp like period cramps but not at the same time .So any one got any input for me? And thanks for your responses.

answers (2)

if you are 37 weeks, then that perfectly normal to have back pain. look at what you are carrying around! i was terrified of back labor because i had the same problem, but lucky for me that was not the case. sometimes that can be a sign of back labor, but you are so close so hang in there!
Thank you for your response I appreciate any feed back,I never had back labor and if thats how it feels I don't want it. 

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