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pains at 35 weeks........

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im 35 weeks pregnant with my first and ive been having cramp like pain in my lower abdomen and most of the time my whole stomach will be hard ive been so worried about going into labor that i cant tell the difference between the hick contractions and the real thing... i know thats bad to say but all this is new to me...but recently ive started having a bloody show and what scares me about it is i dont know if its suppose to be an off or on thing( pink/brown/redish-drown discharge) or is it normal for it to be all day everyday... Am i suppose to have cramping along with it? I feel the baby move threw out the day and i know as long as he moves hes fine... but is it really normal to have pains the make u want to cry when u lay down and get up to go to the bathroom to find out it hurts to move.. my doctor told me a few days ago when i went to see him that its normal to feel pressure on ur pelvic area but did he mean pressure to where it hurts to move or is there something wrong..ive called the doctors back since then and they tell me i just need to stay off my feet and just relax...and thats what ive been doing but the more i lay down the more i hurt..and sometimes i feel like im hurting the baby everytime i move but i figure im over reacting with that ... but am i..? if someone could help me it would mean alot. ive asked friends and family and i feel like im not getting the anwser i want... and if there is something wrong i want to get help before its too late

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Are you drinking enough water? Because dehydration will cause cramping pains. I learned that the hard and expensive way with a trip to the ER. Drink water before you get thirsty. If you wait til you're thirsty dehydration is setting in.Try drinking a glass of water an hour, or setting a water alarm clock to remind you. In fact grab a glass of water before you read the rest of this.Pressure in the pelvic region is totally normal to feel when sitting, walking, lying down etc. It's your uterus pushing down on your pelvis, which is begining to open up to make way for your baby. Pressure and swelling in the pubic region is also normal, and uncomfortable. I don't have a cure for this, I am going through it, too and it's really uncomfortable. Spoke about it with my doctor who told me in all honesty I'm going to be feeling a lot more pressure before it get's better. I no longer swing one leg into the car at a time, instead I enter butt first because I learned the hard way that when I try one leg at a time it is really really painful in the pubic region. Doc said it's normal.I hate to tell you but it gets worse, the pain, pressure and general discomfort toward the end of pregnancy is like the dirty little secret no one talks about. I'm 38 weeks along, I get up to pee every hour at night, have hemroids and huge swollen feet. My husband reminds me at night that thats now one less day of still being pregnant. But it's all worth it!!Overall the best best thing you can do is ask lots of questions. Call your doctor every day if you want/need to. Write down your questions and concerns so you don't forget what to ask. Don't be shy or afraid of asking a 'dumb' question, don't be afraid to say you don't understand their answer, or need more explination. They've heard it all before, and really are there to help you. Remember they are the experts, and have the answers you need. Never lie or with hold anything from your doctor.Call your doc about the 'bloody show.' You can lose your mucas plug and it does not necessarilly mean you are going into labor. You can also go into labor without losing it first. Some women lose theirs a week or two ahead of time, but call your doc to be sure becasue there are simple tests they can do to see if you really are going into labor.Trust the process, your body knows what to do. Get plently of rest, cut out salt and caffiene and soda, even diet (carbonated water causes bloating, the last thing you want right now) of course you don't smoke or do any drugs,  and please please drink water!!!!
if your having cramping when your bleeding thats not normal..pelvic pressure is normal in the end but it shouldnt hurt like that. it should just feel like pressure..if u dont trust ur doctor i would go to the hospital and tell them u have been bleeding and havng rwally bad cramping.they will do an ultrasound to make sure everythings ok and u will feel alot more relieved when u see ur baby is fine..but dont wait long, if u feel like somethings wrong trust ur instinct!
hey turns out i was in labor the whole time... i kept calling the doctors and telling them something was wrong and they told me to come in... and what do ya know 12 hours later baby was here
hey turns out i was in labor the whole time... i kept calling the doctors and telling them something was wrong and they told me to come in... and what do ya know 12 hours later baby was here

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