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Pains worry or no??

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Im about 16 weeks along and i get little pains in my sides and lower stomach, everyones says i shouldnt feel the baby till im more like 20 weeks. i'm not extremly worried but i cant help but worry if it could be serious. the pains aren't bad and dont hurt much they only last 30 seconds to a min. Any advice??

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I am having the same issue now, but im 23 weeks.  I spoke to a nurse last week who told me it is most likely round ligament pain.  Its the ligaments that support your uterus, and stretching and growth can cause this pain.  The nurse suggested to get on your hands and knees and arch your back into a C about 20 times a day and try to get the little one to move a little.  I have also found if im sitting straight up its very painful to stand up, but if laying back at at 45 degree angle makes the pain a little more bearable.  good luck I hope it feel better soon.

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