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Partners children are extremely aggressive, rude, out of control

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I need advise my partners 2 out of 3 kids (ages 6.5) extremely aggressive it started with them punching me in the stomach. They now tell me they hate me but love me when I buy them things or give them something they want. They chooke other kids and themselves they talk about using weapons, killing people and ripping peoples tongues out. It's out of control and I don't like being around them anymore. We have asked a councillor what she thinks and she told me to be more dominate of them, that doesn't work cause they tell you your a bad person and ignore me anyway. My partner of 3 years always drills it into my head that I'm only there friend but expects me to look after them, pick them up from school, clean up after them and take time off work to look after them. These kids make me miserable They scream and cry and throw them selves on the floor if you don't make there toast right or if they can't put there shoes on. The crying is over everything. There never polite you can say good morning to them ten times and get no response. Then they look at you like there going to kill you. There nan fell over and broke her ribs and they stood there laughing at her while she couldn't get off the floor. Were not allowed to go to the shops cause these kids can't control them selves even the store ladies have told them off so now we can't go to the store. We can't go to friends houses cause all they do is cry that they want to go home. My friends and family don't ever come to visit because of this problem. They always ask what is wrong with them to be like that. I always stood up from them until I went on a 3 week holiday with my family and there young kids. I was shocked and upset that these kids were so polite and caring and were so great full. I came home and said to my partner something has to change as we can't move forward, we can't move I together as this behaviour is emotionally draining, we can't have a baby cause I'm scared these kids will kill it due to them constantly choking other kids. I want a happy relationship with my partner and all 3 of his kids. Please help.

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