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Paying family for childcare

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I was wondering what everyone's thought were on paying family for childcare. Here are the details. My mother is willing to relocate to our area to assist with child care of our two little ones (2 and 4)while my wife and I are working. She would be watching them about 10 hours a day possibly 2-3 times a week depending on our work schedules. Sometimes less, sometimes more. My mother is on a very limited income and relocating would be a serious financial burden on her without our assistance. She currently lives with other family to keep her expenses down. We all agree that living with us is not an option due to the size of our house and the need for our own privacy. Up until now we were paying a non family member for child care but due to events in her own private life she is unable to continue watching our children. I want to help my mother with her financial issues by giving her compensation for her time. I'm not talking about paying her for every minute spent watching our kids, but just for times like the long days while we are at work. My wife thinks this is a horrible idea and that a grandparent should do it for free. My thoughts are to give her a set amount per month to help her out. The amount would be less than we were currently giving the non family member and certainly much less than normal daycare. Doing this would give her the stability she needs to make such a move, us the peace of mind of a caring trustworthy caregiver and our kids would have their grandmother closer than 4 hours away. Thoughts??

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In your situation, I definitely think it's necessary to pay your mother for childcare. She simply isn't in a position to live on her own and work for you for free. Asking that of her would not be fair. Now, if it were possible for her to live with you, that would counter balance the need for you to pay her. But, if she can't live with you, not paying her would be taking advantage anf would put her in an extremely difficult place financially. If you'd be paying her less than what you're paying someone else now, I don't see why it's a problem.

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