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PCOS and maybe Pregnant??

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I was dx with PCOS about a year ago now and my husband and I have had no luck with trying to have a baby. I have not taken any medications such as Metformin or Clomid. I have still had my period but they are pretty much unpredictable. I had a period Sept 1st, Oct 15th, Nov 19th but this month it is now the 24th and I still have had no period. I have been getting nauseous off and on for the past few weeks, dizziness, back aches, headaches, can't sleep at night but sleep all day, eating everything in sight, White/ Clear sticky discharge everyday for a week now, i have a slight pressure in my lower stomach/ pelvic area, my boobs only really hurt if I lay on them or wear a bra, and idk if its related or not but my dog is normally extremely hyper and a spaz but about 2 weeks ago he got really calm and protective over me and always lays his head on my belly. I took a HPT on the 19th and the 23rd but both were neg. I was wondering if you have PCOS if it affects the test at all or if I can even take them. Do I have to go get a blood test or and ultrasound to find out? I really feel like I am pregnant but the HPT says neg and yet I still have not had a period. Please Help :/

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I would recommend having the doctor do a pregnancy test, because it will always be more accurate. Or atleast wait another week or so to take another pregnancy test.
You should see your doctor for a blood test. You should also talk to your doctor about the need for medications. A lot of women with PCOS cannot get pregnant on their own.

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