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pcos and pregnant...soo worried

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If you have PCOS and found out by surprise that you were pregnant, what did you do? My first thought is worry about high risk pregnancy. Now i know that every pregnancy is different. It has honestly been 15 yrs since my first child. Was told that I will never be able to conceive and now Taa Daa! I lost 57lbs in last 8 months. Took forever with the Hypothyroid, Asthma, and PCOS that I have. We just found out that we are 12 weeks along. I got soo scared. The sonogram looks "normal" but I'm still worried about extremities and birth defects as my first child has a cleft lip and palate and she has gone through so much already with surgeries, i am just worried that I found out too late because the sonogram never caught my daughters cleft lip and palate nor did tests. Okay, so now the question. What can I do or eat now to ensure that the baby is getting all the nutrients to fully develop and grow? Am still exercise because of my back and recovering injuries for car accident and bulging disks. My appetite is no longer lacking, now I'm always thirsty. I'm just worried that I may eat the wrong things, do the wrong exercise, etc. HELP!

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First, share your concerns with your doctor and get the appropriate advice from him/her. Take your prenatal vitamins, 900mg of DHA a day, eat a healthy balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Second, ultrasounds today are incredibly detailed. They can tell if there is anything wrong. During a detailed anatomy scan at 20 weeks the tech measures everything, even the space between the eyes (to check for Down syndrome). They can also tell if the baby has a cleft palate. So don't worry, if there is something wrong you'll know about it before your baby is born.And, congratulations on your weight loss! 57 pounds in 8 months is great. You lost at a healthy rate and if you keep up your exercise and healthy eating habits you should be able to keep it off.
i can sympathize with the bulging disc. i have a herniated disc above my tail bone, and have to have back surgery on the 21st of this month.
I also have pcos, and I just gave birth to my first child in October. I have always been at a healthy weight, but have constantly had to deal with horrible ovarian pains and several cysts for years. I too was told that I would never be able to have children. My little angel is proof that that's not true! Share your concerns with your doctor, and take care of yourself the best that you can. Do not stress!! This is a beautiful time in your life. Enjoy it hun!!
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