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PCOS could I be pregnant?

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So I am new to posting so I hope I do this right... I just turned 33 and have been ttc with my husband since June 1st. I have had irregular periods since I was 12 and was officially diagnosed with PCOS in 2007. In September of 2010 I became pregnant and at around 7 weeks it ended in an ectopic pregnancy. My last full period was May 8-14. It was pretty normal for me, 2 weeks of serious cramps and pms then 2 days of flooding and trickled off over the next several days. Because of the PCOS I never know when I ovulate, if at all, so that brings us to the current. I had 3 weeks of serious cramps, crazy mood swings, headaches and then finally on July 28th I started my period. It was somewhat heavy on the 28th but by the night of the 30th it was completely gone. Then on August 2nd I had some very light brownish pink spotting after sex. I am feeling very tired all the time like I cannot get enough sleep. Im hungry even when I have eaten. And im having very strange mild cramps and middle back pain which is abnormal for my periods. I am normally in excruciating pain and it's my lower back that usually hurts. I've also had a little nausea here. I also have been very irritable for no reason. I have taken 7 tests all negative but with my first pregnancy bc of the ectopic my hormones did not register until I was 6 weeks. Im just nervous and scared bc I do not want to go through losing a baby again. I cannot get an appointment with my doctor until next week which is what brought me here. Hopefully someone has some insight or advice. Thank you in advance!

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