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Pelvic floor pressure/pain.

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I am 33 weeks and I have the WORST pelvic floor pain ever. I have been getting it every morning since I was about 28 weeks, and it just seems to get worse and worse each day. I wake up, and I can barely sit up in bed, let alone get out of bed, it hurts so bad. I take a couple generic Tylenol and it helps dull the pain so that I can actually get out of bed, but even wait for those pills to kick in takes close to an hour. Once I get up and move around a bit, like go to the restroom or get something to eat, I feel fine, but its the initial getting up that is so hard to do. Is there anything that can make this better, other then having the baby? Also, I told my grandma about this and she said that it means that the baby is really far down and that I more then likely won't make it to my due date. Is there any truth that the worse pelvic floor pain that you have, the earlier you have the baby? Thank you everyone!

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A baby sitting low in your pelvis doesn't mean you'll deliver early. I'd call your doctor to get a real answer for what might be causing this.I'm 28 weeks along with my third and I know that as I get farther along my hips are sore, but I never have pelvic pain. I didn't have it with my other kids either.
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