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pelvic pressure?

3 answers
im 35 weeks progo and 2 days ago i was having pelvic didnt last to long and hast happened since..what does this mean? the babys mving down more?

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I'm pretty sure it's normal to feel some pressure now and then. Maybe the baby was in a position that pressed more on that area and you felt it. Or maybe it is dropping. We usually drop around 4 weeks before the baby comes, although some women do earlier and some women never do. I dropped at around 34 weeks and everyone thought I would go early, but alas...only 2 days before the due date haha. When the baby drops, you do feel more pressure in the pelvic region, mine was so low that I had sciatica and every time I took a step it felt like a jolt of electricity coming up from my pelvis to the top of my abdomen. If you're really concerned, call the OB's office and ask to speak to his/her nurse who should be able to answer your question.
im 36 weeks pregnant now but last week I had tonsss of pelvic pressure,it's the baby positioning his head in the pelvic long as its not too painful of followed with contractions its ok.
THey are correct it's so normal to have pelvic pressure. It's the baby moving down into the pelvic and ready itself your birth. Plus at the stage everythings so very squished and anything moved in the right (or wrong) direction will increase and place pressure. Can be very uncomfortable but if you are going getting it now that's good as you are nearing the end. =P

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