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To the people who read my last post...

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I know I am confusing ALOT!, The reason I do that is because my sister is the manager of a dairy queen. I was working there but me and my sister argue alot so every time we argue I quit, but then we work it out and I work there again so yesterday I posted something saying I work but I had a few words with my sister,I quit that night so I know it may be confusing and the stuff I say doesn't make sense but thats because you don't know whats going on.I know I answer questions and then ask simular questions but thats because the problem might be close to the same thing and I need different advice then what I would give. I am simply on this website because I am a mom I have problems that need advice and I like to look at some of the questions to help people that I can give advice to, I don't mean to sound confusing but the website is made to ask questions get advice and help people who are in the same position as you. I am not a liar in any way, but I understand why you would think that because you don't know me.

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Those of us who read your last post also read this same explanation in that post. My advice to you is to stop the drama in all aspects of your life. Stop working for your sister, let her find an employee who won't fight with her and who won't constantly quit. She doesn't need that drama either. And stop the drama here too.
I know that but I just don't like conflict and I don't want people to think I am a liar because I am an honest person.I know I shouldn't but I care what people think,but I don't like the fact that everyone on this website is teaming up on me because of one person speaking their mind.I don't like drama and I am trying to stop drama but this isn't a high school, I think that we should all be mature adults and not make a big deal out of someones drama in their life.I don't try to be mean or rude to people and call them out on their life because I am not better then them, just like they are not better then me. I just wish people would understand I just need advice if I ask a stupid question deal with it,its my prerogative an like it or not I will ask and do what I want I am a grown women I don't need people making drama out of my life.
I don't really care either way, but it doesn't seem like you're trying to stop drama. By posting this it seems like you're trying to keep it going, trying keep yourself at the center of attention. If you have a question, ask it. That's what this part of the site is for. But the rest of it is just ridiculous.
I am not trying to keep all this going but I don't want to have people thinking things about me.
People are going to think whatever they want to think and at this point, nothing you say or do will change their minds. So yeah, by reposting this you are continuing it.
Oceana, If I made you fel bad in any way I apologize. The thing is the more you try to convince others that you are right or honest the worse you sound. Venture is right that trying to win a losing battle just continues the cycle. Because I have had people close to me lose babies, miscarriages and still borns, It makes it that much more infiriarating when you are on here saying that you miscarried four of you quintuplets, than you miscarried another baby and had to explain how because others doubted that. Than when you and your hubby were going to start trying again, tahduh your pregnant again 7 weeks, but than the next day another miscarriage. For someone who is so young it makes a hard to believe story. If you have lost a baby, I am truly sorry for your loss! I could never imagine losing something that I want that badly. If you havent you need to seek some serious help for the health of yourself and your family. I am not a mean person, I am a mother of three beautiful children who has watched others around me suffer through losses. If you want another baby let your body rest. Doctors say it is best to space pregnancies 18-24 months apart. Good luck on that front! 
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